Success in Lisbon: MARMED 2nd Transnational Meeting hits the mark!

Sep 28, 2023 | News

On September 21 and 22, 2023, MARMED Consortium finally met in occasion of the second Transnational Meeting at Forum Oceano Premises, located in the Hydrographic Institute, from the Portuguese Navy, in Lisbon, Portugal. 

This two-day meeting had represented a great opportunity to bring together Maritime Clusters, VET Providers and Training Centers from across the Mediterranean Region, with one common scope: addressing the needs and the skillset gaps of maritime clusters. The consortium had the opportunity to deeply discuss the results achieved so far and to focus on the next steps to be taken. 

During the meeting, the WP2 Leader – Cluster BIG, Italy – presented the work carried out in the skill gaps analysis. The scope was to gain a deeper insight into the significant skill disparities among current and prospective Blue Cluster managers. Indeed, this analysis revealed a noteworthy discrepancy between the skills presently possessed and those necessary for the ideal future role of a blue cluster managers. Notably, MARMED Project aims at addressing these skills’ gaps and to support Maritime Clusters in this process. 

MARMED Work Packages Highlights
The meeting also represented a great opportunity of discussion for the work packages that are in progress or that will soon start their path. In particular, the leader of WP3 (Metropolitan College, Greece) has presented the work already done and the follow-up actions. Also WP4 (who’s leader is MaritimeMT, Malta) and WP5 (led by ForMare, Italy) were deeply analyzed and partners coordinate their efforts to achieve great results in the next months.

At the helm of the MARMED Consortium, our very important mission steers us towards a horizon where skill gaps are bridged, and Maritime Clusters thrive. Together, we chart the course to success“, reassured Lidia Rossi (Managing Director of ForMare).

A big thank you goes to MARMED dedicated Consortium and Associated Partners for the commitment demonstrated, and for the cooperative environment that has been created during this Transnational Meeting. Teamwork and common efforts are always the key to achieve better results!

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MARMED Project wants to bring substantial contribution to the upskilling of current Manager of Maritime Clusters, in order to respond to emerging capacity building needs of current and future Maritime Clusters Manager, allowing this professional profile to represent a key driver of change at EU and international level, and helping Clusters to become open, collaborative, interconnected, mission-oriented, innovation-driven and, overall, SDG-driven ecosystems. 

Lead Coordinator

ForMare – Polo Nazionale per lo Shipping (Italy)

Consortium composed by:

Cluster BIG – Blue Italian Growth (Italy)

Strategis – Maritime ICT Cluster (Greece)

Fórum Oceano (Portugal)

OGS (Italy)

Metropolitan College (Greece)

MaritimeMT (Malta)

Supported by the Associated Partners:

Federazione del Mare (Italy)

DLTM – Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine Scrl (Italy)

Cluster Maritime Tunisien (Tunisia)